Nuhash’s ‘Moving Bangladesh’ selected for Tokyo International Film Festival

Publish: 9:14 PM, September 19, 2021 | Update: 9:14:PM, September 19, 2021

TBT Report
‘Moving Bangladesh’ is the only Bangladeshi film selected among 14 other full-length feature films selected in the Tokyo Gap Financing Market (TGFM) section at the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival 2021.

TGFM provides funding to the producers of feature films and TV series that are still being made. To qualify for submission, a film must have 60% of its total budget.

A total of 20 projects were selected this year, out of which 14 are full-length feature films, three animated films, one TV series, and two animated TV series. Earlier, ‘Moving Bangladesh’ was also invited to Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes.

This film is inspired by the real-life story of a group of friends who are sick of being stuck in traffic and life. So they decided to create an app called ‘Pathao’, which would bring a significant change in everyone’s life for good.

Being the first film to make it to Asia’s most celebrated film festival, ‘Moving Bangladesh’ is a huge milestone for the Bangladeshi film industry.
The festival is scheduled to run from 30 October to 8 November.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TGFM will take place virtually from 1 November to 3 November.