The dire condition of JnU medical centre

Publish: 9:52 PM, September 16, 2021 | Update: 9:52:PM, September 16, 2021

Nakibul Ahsan Nishad, JnU Correspondent
The health providing facility of Jagannath university is known as ‘Jagannath University Modern Medical Centre’. Any prospective may find the notion of having modern state of the art amenities for the sick students.But, in reality, its daily schedule hamper due to the unavailability of doctors during office hours and medical staff members. Though the sophisticated word is added to the name plate but the quality of service is very fragile.
It is learned that the medical centre of Jagannath University was in a dire condition earlier. Compulsory medications for treatment were paracetamol, cold, and cough. Besides, there was no machine, no pathology department or any examination system for an incumbent patient.

The students went on a hunger strike for the development of the dilapidated medical centre. The university administration took initiative to modernize the medical centre in the face of the demands of the students. Construction of a state-of-the-art medical centre on the ground floor of the university’s ‘Rafiq building’ began in December last year. However, the word ‘modern’ was used in the naming, but without any modern equipment and laboratory.

According to university sources, the medical centre has some equipment for first aid but the administration has suggested setting up facilities for blood tests, ECG rooms and various medical equipment, PCR labs and ICUs. Although there was fund to buy machinery in the last budget, that money has been returned to UGC.

It can be seen on the spot that there is only one doctor for the treatment of the students in the medical centre. Although three doctors were appointed to run the medical centre, two doctors did not come regularly. This has caused outrage among the current working doctors and students.

In this regard, Dr.Mita Shabnam said, “I am the only attending doctor for 20,000 students. Sometimes the patient is so stressed that they have to suffer. On the other hand, the students who come for treatment also suffer.” Asked about the other two doctors, she said, “Although the other two doctors have been appointed, they do not come to the office regularly.I have to do everything.”

The medical centre of Jagannath University is not only sophisticated in name but also sophisticated in function and the student organizations of the university have demanded to set up a centre for vaccinating students at the university.

Ashraful Islam, former convener of the conference committee of the Jagannath University Chhatra League said, “the medical centrehere only in name. There are questions about the quality of both physicians and services. The university has 20,000 students as well as many teachers, officers, and staff. We will demand that the medical centre be kept open till 8 pm for the convenience of all.”

Khairul Hasan Jahin, general secretary of the Bangladesh Students Union University Parliament said, “there was a big difference between the university administration’s assurance of developing the medical centre in the face of student demands. This medical centre is not at all ready to provide healthcare to twenty thousand students of the university by increasing the size alone.”

Tousib Mahmud Shohan, coordinator of the seven-point movement said, “The medical centre we have is nothing but a nominal medical centre. Nothing is available here except napa-paracetamol.” The students of the medical centre are the ones who have suffered the most. Earlier, the medical centre was promised to be fixed a few more times, but in reality, it did not happen.

Jagannath University Student Welfare Director Ainul Islam said, “we are thinking about the issues related to medical centre. At least for the first aid so that the students get good quality services.”

In this regard, the University Registrar Engineer,Ohiduzzaman said, “I have no answer as to what is the cause of this condition.And we are making arrangements for vaccination at the university for the convenience of the students. We have already taken the data of the students of all the departments.”

Regarding the irregularities of the medical doctor of the university he said, “one has applied to resign. But I don’t know why another person is not coming regularly. I have not received any application.”