Want to be in music until death : Real Ashique

Publish: 8:02 PM, September 14, 2021 | Update: 8:12:PM, September 14, 2021

When I was a child, I used to sing with my mother, and since then I have been with music. I want to be immersed in music until death. This is the story of Real Ashique, the busiest and most popular composer and vocalist of the time.

Due to his extraordinary composition and excellent singing, this young singer is currently having a busy time. Real Ashique was born and raised in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj district. Although his full name is Md. Ashiqur Rahim, he is now popularly known as Real Ashique.

Nazrul musician Hasina Begum, the mother of Real Ashique, was the first to chant music at a young age. The artist later passed a master’s degree in classical music, including an honors course in Nazrul music from the Dhaka Government Music College.

In 2017, he started his journey as a music director in the media with the introduction of a mixed album released in a single composition by Real Ashique So far, more than 250 songs in his composition have been released in the market.

Real Ashique also has a good reputation as a vocalist, the first song in his own voice, Khunsuti, was released by the audio company G Series. Singer Nusrat Brishti has lend her voice with Real in the song.

So far, about 10 more songs have been released in the voice of Real Ashique. Popular songs published by Real Ashique include several original songs including FA Sumon’s Saire, Kazi Shuvo’s Beiman Bondhu, Syed Amir’s Mon Kanday, Emon Khan’s Rupa Ami Bhalo Ne.

When asked, Real Ashique said, “Song is my dream, song is my pursuit, I find my peace through song.” I will sing as long as I live. I sought love and blessings from everyone.