Educational instts open after 543 days all over country

Publish: 10:31 PM, September 11, 2021 | Update: 10:31:PM, September 11, 2021

Shafiqul Islam (Shafiq)
The country’s educational institutions were closed for 543 consecutive days due to the epidemic corona virus. Bangladesh is the second country where educational institutions were closed for a long time. The educational life of about four crore students became very uncertain. Depression increased the tendency to commit suicide. According to a survey by the Aachal Foundation, 151 students committed suicide in the country from March 17, 2020 to June 2021. The decision to open an educational institution more than once could not be implemented.

Infections increased whenever an initiative was taken. The general leave of educational institutions has been increased by 23 times one by one. Now that the corona infection has been reduced, the country’s educational institutions have reopened from today, Sunday.

But not at a time. In the initial stage, classes of five class, SSC and HSC will start. Others will have classes one day a week. No decision has been taken to open the university.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Zahid Malek on Friday reiterated that they would advise the closure of educational institutions if the corona infection spreads. At the moment, both infections and deaths have decreased in the country. 48 people have died in the last 24 hours. 1326 people have been identified newly.

The detection rate has come down to 7.03 percent. However, despite the reduction in corona infection, dengue continues to increase. Many also say that it is risky to open an educational institution in the midst of this dengue menace.

On Thursday, the secondary, higher secondary and higher education departments were asked to send to the head of the institution and education officials what the condition of the classroom was every day, whether there were signs of infection among the students. In a letter sent to the Upazila Secondary Education Officers, it was said that corona infection has decreased, but has not been eradicated. So if there is any problem somewhere, let to know quickly. Instructions have been given to keep the educational institutions safe on a regular basis.

8 instructions have also been sent to the teachers. It is worth mentioning that considering the mental condition of the students, giving them psychosocial support, sneezing and coughing has also been mentioned. Students need to be motivated in this regard. Classes must be taken while maintaining social distance. Class activities must be completed within a maximum of three hours. No one can enter the classroom without a mask. Meanwhile, a legal notice has been sent to the government requesting online classes from class one to eight until the Corona epidemic is eradicated.