Overwhelming patients tests the limit of M’singh health facilities

Publish: 10:26 PM, August 4, 2021 | Update: 10:26:PM, August 4, 2021

Md. Ali Ahsan Raju
There are no vacancies in the Covid-19 ward of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. The digital display in front of the Covid Dedicated building is now being used all the time to spread the word that the beds are not empty. Despite increasing the number of beds in wards and ICUs, the hospital authorities have not been able to cope with the change. If the patient’s pressure increases further, the patient’s admission activities may be stopped due to lack of beds. Brigadier General Fazlul Kabir, director of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital, said it was difficult to provide services including admission to corona patients as the beds were not vacant. The matter has been brought to the notice of local officials, administration and the ministry.

Corona unit spokesman Mohiuddin Khana said that as there were no vacancies in the general ward of the new eight-storey building, he was trying to get treatment on every floor of the unit, between the beds, on the verandah and in the corridors wherever he could.

The patient’s pressure has increased so much in the last few days that there is no place to set foot in the corona ward. Health workers, including doctors and nurses, have been starving under the pressure of extra patients. The oxygen supply system has also become fragile. The rate at which patients are flocking to the hospital for admission every day threatens to disrupt the medical care system at any time. Local government intelligence officials also have the news. In response to the crisis, initiatives have been taken to increase the medical services of Corona patients at Mymensingh’s Barkari Community Based Medical College Hospital Bangladesh-CBMBC. At the same time, the newly constructed Tarakanda Upazila Health Complex and Suryakanta Infectious Diseases Hospital, which are awaiting inauguration, are also being considered for providing medical services to corona patients.

Dr. Mohiuddin further said that in the 24 hours, 100 new corona positive patients have been admitted to Mymensingh Medical College. 553 patients have not been treated for this. Of these, 22 are in ICU. In the 24 hours, 360 people have been identified in the district. Another 360 people have been identified at the hospital. The hospital has a maximum capacity of 500 beds with a 25-bed ICU. Apart from Sherpur, Netrokona and M’singh districts, Corona patients from neighboring Tangail, Sunamganj, Kishoreganj, Narsingdi and Gazipur districts are also coming to this hospital in the hope of better medical services.