Private cars increased in capital amid stern restrictions

Publish: 9:27 PM, July 27, 2021 | Update: 9:27:PM, July 27, 2021

Shafiqul Islam (Shafiq)
Tuesday was the fifth day of strict restrictions announced by the government to prevent corona infection across the country. On the fifth day the private cars and traffic have increased in capital’s road. Office-goers are sharing rickshaws and riding rickshaws. Shops are opening sometimes in the villages. However, even yesterday, many people entered Dhaka in different ways from outside the district. As a result, the gathering of people in the capital has also increased. Returning to the workplace, there are people of different classes and professions as well as low-income people.
However, as public transport is closed, people are returning in rickshaws, vans, motorcycles and pickups. On the other hand, police search is continuing at various check posts of the road. The cars were seen standing at various signals.

Tuesday (July 27) early morning in the capital Checkpoints in front of Azimupur, Mohammadpur Bus Stand, Dhanmondi Lake, Jhigatala, City College Junction, Russell Square Junction, Ganobhaban Check post and Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital can be seen that many small shops were open.
At Mohammadpur and Shankar bus stand, hired motorcyclists were seen waiting for passengers. Hundreds of people have been seen exercising in Dhanmondi Lake area. Many people are seen walking to work with lunch.

Meanwhile, compared to the past few days, the pressure of private vehicles on the roads of the capital is noticeable. As well as Rickshaws, motorcycles, office buses and freight trucks. Extensive search by the traffic police has resulted in traffic jams at the check posts. Yet police are searching the passengers of each vehicle. Police are taking legal action against those who have gone out unnecessarily or are unable to respond satisfactorily.

Although the government and private offices are supposed to be closed due to the ongoing strict restrictions, but some offices are still open. Various financial institutions including banks are open. As a result, the traffic on the road has increased since last Sunday, police said.

Besides, when it started raining in the capital on Tuesday early morning, pedestrians were seen taking shelter under the sheds of various shops and buildings. Those in dire need have been seen pulling curtains and riding rickshaws to escape the rain. The check posts were empty for some time in the rain.

After the rain subsided, the police search started again. Members of the police and law enforcement agencies on duty said many offices including bank, insurance and financial institutions are open. We are interrogating every car. As a result, there has been a long serial of cars.