How do you know that you are on the verge of destruction?

Publish: 8:28 PM, July 13, 2021 | Update: 8:52:PM, July 13, 2021

Nayeem Islam Nibir
If you feel terrified of your own downfall, you should carefully observe and review your own rise. Because there is a simple equation of the rise and fall of mankind for thousands of years – the inevitable fall is waiting for the way it rises. While your fall is waiting for you, there are a lot of horoscopes around you. Then when the moment of fall comes and comes close to your throat, all the people of the world will understand that your last time has come. But the cruel and ruthless irony of destiny is that you will not notice anything that all people, even your pet cat, can understand about your fate.
Even if your rise is good, your fall can be bad if you think of yourself as a monster between the rise and the fall and make all evil deeds necessary for you, that is, as bad as giving up your food, sleep and waste while you are alive. When it turns out, it can be said for sure that a terrible destiny is constantly dragging you to the brink of collapse. On the other hand, if your illegitimate emergence is guaranteed and you start your life with hateful deeds and spoil the rights of others and make it your throne, then you can be sure that any of your good deeds, honest efforts and thousands of tricks of your companions are also your destiny. Cannot cause any deviation from destination.

This simple equation of ups and downs is equally effective for everyone. That is to say, just as a marginal farmer or a nomadic beggar awaits the same fate, so the king-maharaja, the pike-pawn, the emir-umrah-vizier-nazir, the servant of the shrine or the executioner-all have to suffer their own fate. The cruel consequences of destiny sometimes come to the individual, but also to the group-party-community or country-nation-state. In today’s discussion, I will try to shed light on the signs of decline in the juicy and chemistry of a person’s personal life, as well as in his mind and behavior.
First of all you have to say something about your outward behavior and dress. When you reach the brink of collapse you will suddenly become an extra stylist. You will spend a lot of money on new clothes, ornaments and perfumes. These decorations of yours will often become ridiculous and out of place. In other words, if you are old, then when you see the mannerisms that you will start wearing after dressing like young men and women, there will be a flood of humor all around. There will be no continuity in your speech, laughter-joke, love-love, lust-anger. If you say ‘sky’ in the morning, it will become ‘wind’ in the afternoon. Again, the shouting that started with ‘Batas Batas’ will become ‘Batasa’ in the afternoon. In this way, day and night, you will say at least five or six kinds of conversations which will seem to you to be an excellence of intellect and mindfulness, but the common man will understand that the work has come to an end.

When you reach the brink of collapse, you will think, only you are good – the rest are bad, you will feel more, you are Perth Perth, everything turns to gold at your touch. As a result, you will try to survive for thousands of years to implement the master plan of turning the fertile deserts of the world, smelly drains, inaccessible rocky mountains, etc. into gold by touching everything. You will feel that something miraculous or supernatural has penetrated into you. As a result, you can no longer think of yourself as an ordinary person. At this stage a kind of contempt for mankind will develop in you. You will insult people and start distrusting everyone.

Trusting someone, relying on someone and expecting help from someone will not find a place in your mind. You will think, everyone is like your slave. Just as it is a crime for slaves to have any desire or desire, so you have to remember that your subordinates have the right to seek, receive and speak. When the fall peeks around your house, you will have a tendency to do unnecessary and unnecessary things. You will run after unnecessary things and find a kind of fun in snatching food from people’s mouths and converting them into animal food. Nakamo will increase in your daily life.You will start to think that it is your success to surprise everyone by telling interesting and fabricated lies like teenagers. The amount of waste at this point in your life will increase drastically. Even if you sell your property secretly or take out a loan at high interest, you will increase the amount of luxury in your last days. You will arrange unnecessary majma-majlis or darbar ceremonies to surprise the people.

At the last minute you will have another feature, ‘matching the market’ of evil people. You will continue to attract as many evil people as you have in your jurisdiction in the same way that a queen bee attracts thousands of ordinary bees. From your shelter, evil people will formulate policies on how to manage good people. The ungodly will be appointed as the gurus of the righteous. The thieves will be in charge of Malkhana and the rapists will be the head of the committee for prevention of violence against women. Child traffickers and rapists will be rewarded for establishing child rights and liars will be recruited to dominate all classes.

You will also be disputed in terms of tastes and likes and dislikes. Donkeys will seem better to you than horses, and you will devote all your energy to donkey breeding and horse eradication projects. You will discover fancy about the importance of cats instead of tigers and lions and shoot cats in the forest to eliminate the kings of the forest and create a sanctuary for cats there. You may think crows call better than cuckoos, and think of hiring scientists to figure out how to plow with goats instead of cows. Just as the currents of the river, the roar of the clouds, the sound of the wind, etc. will seem unbearable to you, all the sports activities of the night of the new moon will be considered as auspicious instead of the activities of sunlight and daylight.

Being tempted by a fall, you cannot recognize your loved one. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. Just as you don’t want to compliment someone on your own, so if someone compliments you on someone else, you will list both the admirer and the admired person on your enemy list. This disease will appear so omnipresent in your case that the praise of your own sons and daughters, brothers and sisters will also seem unbearable to you. All sorts of skeptics will find you and continue to harm innocent people just because of suspicion in the unknown.

Obscenity, nudity, filthiness will increase in private life and at times you will feel burdened by your own life. In order to hide the pain and fear of the deepest part of your mind, you will start exaggerating by having fun by contacting evil people and illuminating unnecessary musical instruments. As a result, there will be serious inconsistencies in your daily routine like sleeping, waking, eating and drinking. No matter how much you keep yourself awake like the protagonist of the stage while awake, it will be a complete boomerang during sleep. You can’t sleep according to the normal rules of nature even after hundreds of attempts. You can be overwhelmed. But you can’t close your eyes for fear of all the horrible nightmares. As a result, as you fall asleep due to fatigue, depression and other human weaknesses, the nerves of your brain will continue to rupture in the coral grass of nightmares, which will make you mentally retarded till the end.

In the fall, your appetite and attraction to all the delicious food in the world will diminish. There will also be strange changes in your sense of smell. Don’t smell good – but be persecuted by the stench. Your hearing will also be dishonest with you. All the good, benevolent and joyful words of the world will not enter your ears. But nonsense, unnecessary and harmful talk will cause horrible traffic jams to get into your ears. At this stage of life, your body’s rectum and excretory system will suffer terribly.The digestive system will also start behaving differently. Sneezing, coughing, sweating etc. will spread bad smell. As a result, you will be toxic to the light and air of the earth, the environment.

If the symptoms mentioned occur in your body-mind and brain, then you can be sure that the cruel consequences of the fall are calling you by hand. You can’t stop the journey of destiny by hundreds of attempts, multifaceted tricks or magic tricks. Moreover, the more hypocritical you do in the last days, the more you will be attacked by the cruel consequences.

Author: Nayeem Islam Nibir is a young generation Political leader and columnist in Bangladesh.
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