Curfew is not only solution to control Covid-19 : Mirza Fakhrul

Publish: 8:51 PM, July 11, 2021 | Update: 8:51:PM, July 11, 2021

Shafiqul Islam (Shafiq)
BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said curfew is not only the solution to prevent coronavirus infection. As well as Unplanned lockdowns will not bring the right solution if the lockdown cannot properly manage the money and food of the common people. Mirza Fakhrul was responding to reporters at a press conference Sunday afternoon after drawing attention to the recommendation of the National Advisory Committee to issue Curfew.

He said there have been lockdowns again and again, public holidays, lockdowns, severe lockdowns- but we have not been able to create that social distance, physical distance, that distance. But people are being harassed and suffering amid in lockdown. It can be said that many are suffering from lack of food.

He also questioned the role of the fire brigade in the horrific fire at the Hashem Food and Beverage factory in N’ganj. The BNP secretary general spokes at a virtual press conference at 12 noon on Sunday. He said the goal of the lockdown is to keep people away from people, to create distance and prevent infection. We have to take action for that. Where is that awareness? It will happen if the poor people are put in jail with only by threats. 4,500 people have been jailed.

They are all ordinary poor people. They eat day in and day out. It is learned that he went to bring an oxygen cylinder for his father and was arrested there, but the father died due to lack of oxygen. This unplanned arrangement is the result of what happened today.

Mirza Fakhrul said that the circular issued by the Civil Surgeon of Dhaka to all the hospitals in the district not to give any information about Corona to the journalists proves that they (the govt) are hiding the real information and want to do so.