DU to take exams physically if situation improves

Publish: 9:55 PM, June 1, 2021 | Update: 9:55:PM, June 1, 2021

DU Correspondent
Dhaka University (DU) to take exams physically from 1st July if the covid-19 situation improves, but the residential halls will remain close during these exams, otherwise the exams will be taken online and the postponed exam will be taken from June 15.

In a virtual meting the academic council took the decision, DU Vice-Chancellor Akhtaruzzaman presided over the meeting. More than two council members confirmed this to the reporter.

As the academic activities were postponed due to pandemic more than a year, there is a possibility of session jot so the authority decided to reduce the duration of academic year and semester 12-8, 6-4 months respectively and the concerned have been asked to shorten the syllabus (course content) based on the time frame.

The exams and make up classes could be taken on weekends if the situation improves and 50 percent of midterm, tutorial, term paper, assignment and 10 PC of classes must be taken in online.

The developing process of Learning Management System (LMS) is underway as a part of preparation for the online exam. However the demonstrators for reopening the halls decided to continue their movement, confirmed Asif Mahmud, the spokesperson of the movement.