Two containers of banned poppy seeds seized at Chattogram port

Publish: 9:56 PM, June 1, 2021 | Update: 9:56:PM, June 1, 2021

SM Akash
Chattogram Customs House recently seized banned poppy seeds at Chattogram port on the basis of secret information which was imported from Malaysia identifying as mustard seeds. Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Rezaul Karim confirmed the matter to the media. It is learned that Ajmin Trade Center, an importer in Dhaka, imported the two containers of banned poppy seeds by announcing to import mustard seeds from Malaysia.
After paying the customs and miscellaneous taxes, the C&F agent started unloading the consignment and suspended the unloading process on the basis of secret information by the Customs Authority’s Audit, Investigation and Research Team.

Subsequent to 100 per cent physical examination, 42 tons of imported poppy seeds “poppy seeds” were found in place of the 54 tons of mustard seeds declared by the importer. The remaining 12 tons were mustard seeds.

Samples of the product have been sent to the Department of Narcotics Control for chemical testing for further confirmation of product description. At the end of the test, the department identified the results as poppy seeds and gave a report. Poppy seeds are used to make a variety of drugs, including opium, so the government has banned the import of these products.

According to the market price of the seized poppy seeds, the selling price of 42 tons of poppy seeds is around Tk 15 crore, but the importer has paid Tk 22 lakh through LC for the price of mustard seeds.

Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Assistant Commissioner, AIR Branch, Chittagong Customs House, told The Bangladesh Today over phone that the Chittagong Customs House authorities are preparing to file a case accusing those involved in importing prohibited goods by fraudulently declaring false declarations.

Customs House Revenue Officer Mosharraf Hossain told The Bangladesh Today over phone that an organization called Ajmin Trade Center in Old Dhaka had announced to import 54 tons of mustard seeds, bringing only 12 tons of mustard seeds and 42 tons of imported poppy seeds, which were confiscated by customs authorities. And the price of this poppy seed is about 15 crore taka. He added that the two containers contained mustard seeds at the beginning and poppy seeds at the inside so that the physical examination would not catch them.