Misha Shawdagor to appear as model

Publish: 8:44 PM, May 31, 2021 | Update: 8:44:PM, May 31, 2021

Actor Misha Shawdagor commonly known as playing the role of a villain in Dhallywood cinemas is appearing in front of the audience in a whole new look as a fashion house model! Although no organization usually promotes movies with such villain, but the fashion brand Royal Malabar has signed villain of about 800 movies, Misha Shawdagor as model.

Misha Shawdagor took part in a photo shoot on May 27 at the company’s office in Uttara, wearing a Royal Malabar costume choreographed by Gautam Saha. Models with Misha Saudagar in Naeem Ahmed’s camera were Trin, Linda, Imran, Nihaf, child model Ayan, Priyanti, Mashroor, Mamruba and others.

Regarding this Misha Shawdagor said, ‘The clothes of Royal Malabar are very good. The design is also great. All in all it felt good. I am with this brand.’ Royal Malabar chief Aslam Khan Apu said, ‘Actor Misha Shawdagor has joined us. We are glad to have him. I was always interested in fashion, by adding Misha Bhai to bring a little variety in that interest.’