Credence LP, making a difference in law practice of Bangladesh

Publish: 9:21 PM, May 23, 2021 | Update: 9:21 PM, May 23, 2021

Saiful islam shanto
Law profession is one of the oldest and most respected profession in the entire world. Due to the fact that Bangladesh was part of the British Empire, this statement is not far from truth too. Being a profession where the only trend that has been observed was individualistic and hereditary succession in the last 50 years of Bangladesh. The law profession is changing with inclusion of new blood who are bringing in new ideas, trend, international standard and structure. In the world perspective, there are law firms that have numerous partners serving in different jurisdictions and continents. Firms like Backer Mckenzy, DLA Piper, Latham and Witkins have thousands of lawyers in their disposal to serve the clients.

This can be reflected in new firm structure now incorporating in Bangladesh. CREDENCE LP is a dynamic, rapidly expanding law firm in Bangladesh. They are focused on providing a complete legal service to clients in diversified sectors. Credence LP not only works as a firm but also is one of a kind multi partnered firm where partners came from different legal expertise sectors under one roof. In Bangladesh, till now all the firms are either headed by family members or couples. Whereas, Credence LP has in total of six partners who are not family members but have come together with a sense of fellowship and professionalism.

The initial concept started with the journey of Barrister Sovan Mahmud and Barrister Shahedul Azam. They founded a law firm called Mahmud & Azam LP in 2017 with a vision to form a multi partnered Corporate Law Firm operating in the first world countries. In November 1, 2019, the former partners of Mahmud & Azam LP, Barrister Shahedul Azam and Barrister Sovan Mahmud progressed with their concept of multi partner firm with Barrister Mohammad Samiul Huq and Advocate Md. Omer Shorif who agreed to join the alliance and forming a new partnership called CREDENCE LP. At that point of time, that was an extra ordinary partnership law firm comparing to traditional partnerships and one man show firms. In the first quarter of 2020 Barrister Faysal Ahmed Patwary joined the firm.

In the last quarter of 2020, Barrister Adnan M. L. Karim joined the firm as a Senior Partner, with whom Barrister Mohammad Samiul Huq was also elevated as the Senior Partner and thereon CREDENCE LP became the largest multi-partner (six partners) firm in the legal sector of Bangladesh. The founding four partners had a vision to make things happen in a way which has not been tried and tested in the perspective of Bangladesh. In doing so, they were able to kickstart the project and with time, they brought in additional support with the inclusion of two more partners. With Mr. Patwary, the role of a rainmaker, which has been very well acclaimed in the first world law practice, has been categorically introduced in our jurisdiction. Mr. Patwary has the full support of a full spectrum team who can take care of the clients’ need for legal services. With the inclusion of Mr. Karim, Credence LP reached a new height of having one of the brightest legal minds in the corporate law of Bangladesh. He has vast knowledge on complex legal issues practiced in Bangladesh.

The vision of this multi partner law firm is to provide one stop service solution to its clients. When a client comes with any kind of problem or an issue to CREDENCE LP and the firm makes sure that the client receives the best legal support. The story of CREDENCE LP is a path-breaking venture in terms of legal practice in Bangladesh.

The writer is a Journalist