A Bangladeshi cinematographer’s call from France

Publish: 3:31 PM, September 10, 2018 | Update: 3:31:PM, September 10, 2018

Development Desk
After the successful premier of his short documentary on the plight of the Rohingyas at an exhibition at the UK’s Edge Hill University, the promising Bangladeshi documentary film maker Abul Hossain will embark on a new journey to demonstrate his work to new audiences. This time, Dhaka Division Association – a community organization based in France invited to exhibit his work at an event titled ‘Help for Rohingya’.
In a remark, he expressed his excitement to participate in the event. “I was shocked to see the atrocities committed by the Myanmar Forces to the ethnic Rohingyas while documenting. The untold stories of sufferings and agonies of Rohingya people has been the primary feature of my documentary. I am pleased that international communities are now concerned about the situation. This provides me a tool for mental relief as a Bangladeshi; as I happen to sympathize with the Rohingyas rights to safely return to their homeland.”
Earlier, Hossain had teamed up with the renowned photojournalist Fojit Sheikh Babu to document the Rohingya sufferings from late August 2017 till April of the following year. In addition, Fojit’s photo-works will be exhibited in the same event as well.