“Munia’s victory and the downfall of the heroic nation!”

Publish: 9:51 PM, May 6, 2021 | Update: 9:51:PM, May 6, 2021

Nayeem Islam Nibir
In the history of the world, it is a matter of wonder whether any other country or nation will ever shed so much blood like the Bengali nation in asserting its rights. Even before the creation of Pakistan, we have been exploited and oppressed in various ways.

A nation that does not fear death have the power to lead the world. Unrighteous crimes can prevent any evil power including hypocrisy.
Every time the Bengali nation forgot its quarrelsome violent behavior among itself, it was able to unite by awakening patriotism. Each time they were able to snatch any victory and establish themselves as an example. A great example of which is our war of independence. The way in which this Bengali nation was well organized and united to defeat the well trained Pakistany army cannot be found anywhere else in history. But today this nation of heroes always accepts defeat at the hands of money and power. Forgetting the history of our heroism in defense of illegitimate power, luxury, self-interest, we have become champions in murder, kidnapping, terror, extortion, tender bidding and corruption to fill our pockets with two paise.

Just when I was trying to reconcile the causes of the decline of these heroes with the combination of grammar, geography and geometry, I came to know that the dead body of a beautiful teenage girl named Mosarat Jahan Munia has been found dead in Gulshan.

When I saw her post mortem report with grief various speculations and unknown questions came and went.
Although I was able to gain all the experiences in my student and political life, the experience of love was always a criminal task in some cases out of reach, but this time I really fell in love with Munia’s self-esteem, personality and veneration.

A teenager growing up in a remote village of Comilla. In her heart that world of selfless love created. I have no desire, greed or courage to be cursed by comparing or measuring the sacred love of the late Munia with any example. But I have the foresight and concern of my indestructible consciousness to analyze.

It took us only nine months to defeat the assassins of 1971, but we have failed to establish the empowerment of our women even as we enter the long 50 years of independence. In the history of this failed and ruined society, the untimely demise of Muniya falls with the memory and bids farewell with a finger in the eyes of our sleeping nation. Engrossed in the greed of society and the thought of money, we have become such a dark nation today that we are not ashamed to take away everything at the opportunity of the emotion and simplicity of love and push it to the brink of death.

Today, we do not hate any sinner or criminal, but we rejoice in giving them praise and titles. With the opportunity of which Mosarat Jahan Munia is being born in every place of the society. And they have to accept the unintended death by one of the miscreants. Their activities revolve around life. The continuation of which, after the 28th of April, I was sorely aimed at all quarters. I am proud to say that most of the respected critics have shown their wisdom in analyzing and judging Munia’s character. I ran out of the house and entered my darkened building of Bashundhara Cement with a bunch of Bashundhara products and sat down to write the article again in solitude. Suddenly I saw Munia sitting in front of me.

That’s her departure. With tears in my eyes, while searching for the greatness hidden in the phrases spoken by Munia and the beginning and end of the review, I hear in my ears which is saying – Muniara is the curse of this society. They are characterless. They are prostitutes. They are mistresses. They want to change their destiny at the expense of the rich. They are greedy. They are the root of family, state and social chaos!

Undoubtedly Muniya are the root of social disorder! Because they do not turn into a banana tree by kicking the stomachs of the working poor and depriving the workers of their rights. Muniya did not become the owner of Begum Para abroad by robbing banks. Interest, bribery, gambling, forcible occupation, land grabbing do not evict the people by looking at their lives and property. They do not make countless families destitute through casino scandals, pillow scandals, or coal scandals. They do not convert day into night to make money illegally. They do not become land grabbers, pirates or top industrialists by occupying rivers, lands, and houses by showing the strength of muscle power with dust in the eyes of the judiciary. That is why being Muniya is the biggest crime of this society; The root of social chaos.

I say what a loss if someone gets the title of characterless for the crime of love. If someone goes to the list of losers in return for faith. Then the maximum punishment for this mischief may be death. But it is the duty of all of us to pay our respects to the one who realizes his mistake and chooses the path of suicide. In the same way, the punishment of a cheating lover becomes clear when we look at the past few days.

However, by showing heroism like Munia and awakening the sense of personality, if everyone chooses suicide out of shame for their own deeds of theft, murder, deception and fraud, then I believe Bangladesh will be the smallest in terms of population. There will even be a vacancy in the position of responsible person in some professions. There will be no space in the procession of corpses in the cemetery.

As a result we have to say that we may have to commit suicide by setting a date. Only then will there be green cool air in the air of this country again. Forests will be greener, rivers will be more lush. Poets will be born again, the rhythm of the poem will be expressed all around. We are creating thousands of Munias every day in this society out of our greed and insanity. Munia remains a helpless mistress due to the youthfulness of life. Munia is the product of this corrupt society. That crop we produce. And we blame them. Fighting against the Pakistanis in 1971 and gaining a reputation as a nation of heroes, I easily sell myself to the finances today. There can be no greater decline than that. Munias are a million times better and holier than masked religious leaders or political leaders or a corrupt person. Munia is more respected and self-respecting than any other criminal in our corrupt society, so they ended their lives by committing suicide.

Munia’s crime is that they fall in love with rich people or sell themselves as concubines. But if Munia could have married the accused from Bashundhara and lived happily ever after. Then some of these critics would go to greet them on their wedding anniversary. In the hope of getting a job or promotion, someone would sit in the waiting room for hours with gifts ranging from expensive sarees, jewelery, and diamonds, taking a selfie. They used to fall off the soles of his shoes and return home happily. Someone would invite them as inspirational speakers. So I do not understand in my feeble heart whether anyone other than the spiritual gurus has the ability to explain the character killer of Munia. That is why the Muniyars, in the midst of this ruined field, ruined river, ruined seed, and ruined world, become the blue moon of the blue sky and show our downfall with a sharp whistle and bid farewell in the guise of a victor. Without realizing it, we continue to search for inferior titles by slandering manuscripts and sowing the seeds of our lust for the munias in the dark of night.

At the end of today’s discussion, I conclude this article by asking for the forgiveness of his disembodied soul in anticipation of another day or another night of love, affection, friendship and compassionate conversation with Munia.

Author: Naeem Islam Nibir is a young generation political leader and columnist in Bangladesh
He can be reached: [email protected]