Speedboat collides with bulk-head vessel killed 28 onboard

Publish: 9:27 PM, May 3, 2021 | Update: 9:27:PM, May 3, 2021

Rashid Ahmad, Munshiganj Correspondent
A fatal accident took place on Monday that claimed the lives of 28 passengers of a speedboat. Another five passengers were injured in the incident.
According to traffic inspector of Banglabazar Ferry Ghat in Shibchar, said a speedboat with 30 passengers was heading towards Banglabazar Ferry Ghat from Shimulia in Munshiganj. The speedboat collided with a sand-loaded bulkhead near the old Kanthalbari Ghat at Banglabazar Ferry Ghat. The speedboat capsized in the collision. So far, 28 bodies and five survivors have been rescued. Rescue work is underway.

This begs the question how a speedboat having a capacity of can carry 30-35 people onboard. Public transport has been suspended in the government-announced ‘lockdown’ to curb the pandemic as well as launches and speedboats on the waterway. However, some unscrupulous speedboat drivers have been crossing the border illegally.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Rahima Khatun has formed a six-member inquiry committee headed by Azaharul Islam, deputy director of the Madaripur Local Government Department, to probe into the Shibchar incident. Besides, financial assistance of Tk 20,000 was announced to the families of each of the victims. The investigation committee has been asked to submit an investigation report within the next three working days.

Shimulia and Kathalbari-Banglabazar route is one of the busiest inland water transport routes in the country. The water vehicles that cruise along this route are ferry, launch, speedboat, barge, cargo ship etc.