People’s reluctance increasing to carry movement pass

Publish: 9:31 PM, April 20, 2021 | Update: 9:31:PM, April 20, 2021

Shafiqul Islam
The government has extended the current ban for one more week to prevent the spread of the corona virus infection. However, at this time, the police movement will have to come out in case of urgent need. Initially, there was a huge response to the police movement’s request for a pass. However, as the time of lockdown is passing, the reluctance of the people to carry the police movement pass is also increasing. On the seventh day of the ban on coronavirus infection, there was reluctance among the general public to follow government guidelines. Many have left the house without a movement pass. However, at the beginning of the ban, such a trend was relatively low, said the concerned. Police have introduced a movement pass to get out of the house during the government-announced restrictions to prevent the second wave of coronavirus. But with the exception of the first two days of the ban, the number of people leaving the house without a movement pass has been steadily rising. People are leaving their houses without movement passes on various pretexts.

Besides, people of all professions are not following this instruction to come out with their institutional identity cards. This often leads to unintended events. Moreover, due to the lack of cooperation of the common people, the organizations implementing the restrictions at the field level are also suffering. This picture was seen on Tuesday (April 20) while visiting the new market and others check post on in the capital.

It can be seen on the spot that 4-5 policemen are checking the movement pass and identity card at each check post as per the rules of restrictions. However, in this case, the passengers of private cars are facing the most searches. Rickshaw passengers do not have to go through such a search. Speaking to police personnel working at the check post, it was learned that during the first two days of the ban, ordinary people left the house following the hygiene rules including the movement pass. But since then, people have become indifferent to the rules. Many are not coming out with movement passes. Even if someone comes out again, they are not following the hygiene rules, many people are not using masks again. As a result, the police members at the check post are struggling to tackle the situation.

Bhatara police sub-inspector Hasan Parvez, who works at the Coca-Cola checkpost, that the use of movement passes has decreased. People are making ridiculous arguments not to bring the movement pass. We are fining many of them and sending many of them back home.
Besides, many people involved in emergency services are not coming out with their identity cards. As a result, our work has become much more difficult now than it was in the first two days.