Bhabna furious about ugly comments

Publish: 9:35 PM, April 7, 2021 | Update: 9:35:PM, April 7, 2021

TBT Report
Ashna Habib Bhabna is an actress and dancer. She is best known for these two identities. But she is also a writer. She has already published several books.

Bhabna’s new novel ‘Golapi Zamin’ has been published at this year’s book fair. Various media outlets have published news about this novel. Netizens have made comments in various vulgar and obscene language in the comment room of those news.

Bhabna was upset to see those ugly comments. She shared her thoughts on screenshots of some of the comments and wrote, ‘So much nonsense! Where are we really? If you insult people on the internet, you must be ugly on the inside. Could there be such ugly people? Is it slowly becoming a very funny thing? People who love themselves do not hurt another person. The more we hate ourselves, the more we laugh at others. Does that mean we’re so idle that our only job is to make bad comments all the time? ‘

By the way, a book of poems by Bhabna has also been published in this year’s book fair. The name of the book is ‘Raster Dharer Gashter Kono Dhormo Silo Na’. A total of 50 poems have been included in the book.