Bangladeshis expatriate celebrate annual picnic in China



Publish: 9:44 PM, April 5, 2021 | Update: 9:44:PM, April 5, 2021

To cut the monotony of the expatriate life after coronavirus, Bangladeshis living in China’s Yunnan province had a lively annual picnic – 2021. The event featured a variety of snacks and special Bangladeshi meals.

On Sunday, a local holiday, the picnic was held at the premises of the Bangladesh Consulate office in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. Everyone participates in it to enjoy a little leisure in the busy life in the distant past.

The chief guest at the picnic was Consul General AFM Aminul Islam. Erfan Khan Arif, a Bangladeshi businessman living in China and the owner of Dhaka HE TAI ER Hotel in Kunming, assisted in organizing the picnic. Vice-Consul Mizanur Rahman, First Secretary Bazlur Rashid were present as special guests.

The day-long program included banquets, discussion meetings, sports, storytelling, poetry recitation, singing songs and acting, lucky coupon draw, prize distribution, and cultural events.

The event was attended by officials and employees working at the Consulate and expatriate Bangladeshis living in Yunnan Province