Beat the Heat with Coconut Oil

Publish: 8:46 PM, March 28, 2021 | Update: 8:46:PM, March 28, 2021

On her way home from her best friend’s chic summer wedding, Sarah notices that her beautifully set hairstyle appears unpleasantly limp due to the heat and humidity. While detangling the bouncy curls set by copious amounts of hairspray, she notices that her luscious locks appear frizzy and brittle. Sarah then thoroughly washes and conditions her hair but to no avail. Her hair still looks rough, lifeless and damaged.

Like Sarah, most of us face similar hair problems during summer. The blazing sun, coupled with high levels of humidity, often cause serious damage. Besides a lot of sweating, dirt and grime, our hair also has to bear the brunt of harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. All these factors cause our hair to become rough, dehydrated and frizzy. For instance, during hot and humid summer days, it becomes significantly difficult for some of us to tame our mane. Most people battle with either frizzy or limp hair which are both caused by humidity and other factors. This is because hair has hydroscopic qualities which means it is able to swap its water molecules with moist or dry air. The hydroscopic nature of hair during humid days will absorb the moisture in air, which in turn, may cause hair to puff up.

While healthy hair can retain moisture, humidity can adversely affect dry hair. Therefore, to withstand the effects of heat and humidity, hair needs proper care and routine maintenance. Bad hair days are temporary, but hair damage in the sun could be permanent. So, keeping hair nourished and conditioned will help prevent or lessen the damage done by summer heat.  In this case, a great natural solution to keep hair healthy and bouncy is coconut oil. Regular use of coconut oil helps keep hair conditioned and nourished, be it through oil massages or hair masks. Coconut oil helps keep the protein levels intact in our hair and it also contains lauric acid which nourishes hair with vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, to revive brittle and dry hair, one can use a hair mask made from one tablespoon of coconut oil and 100 grams of mint leaves. The hair mask is also very effective in reducing hair loss and fighting dandruff. Using this mask once a week will help make hair shiny and soft. Additionally, one can always resort to the tried-and-true practice of applying coconut oil regularly. Not only would coconut oil nourish hair from root to tip, but oil massaging also helps improve blood circulation which could stimulate hair growth.

So, bid farewell to dull and lifeless hair by adopting these simple and organic solutions made with nature’s most versatile fruit. Widely known for its rejuvenating qualities, coconut oil helps retain moisture and enrich both hair and skin. Therefore, incorporating coconut oil into your daily hair care routine could lessen the damage done by the dust, heat and excessive sweating during summer. Regular use of coconut oil could help restore the glory of your luscious locks and make it ready for that perfect boho-chic summer wedding hairstyle.

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