itel Launches its First TV Product in Bangladesh



Publish: 1:39 PM, February 17, 2021 | Update: 1:39:PM, February 17, 2021

itel, a brand under Transsion Holdings, which is a leading player in global mobile industry market over 10 years, always believes that everyone deserves a better life. Today, itel is excited to announce the expansion of its product portfolio and introduce the itel TV A Series to the Bangladesh market.

The first product launch from A series is itel A321, which is full of vivid color and will move the rooms with brightness. itel A321 is modern canvases set to depict the content that spectator eyes aspire. At its origin, television services outlined their mission as to inform, educate, and entertain. With the new product portfolio, itel wants to follow those goals but present customers with new avenues, which can transform an unassuming journey into an active exploration. All the elements will come from itel’s well-established supply chain network that can guarantee both a compact slick design and built-in durability with overvoltage protection. The itel A321 TV will comes with 5 build-in games, super picture quality, 20W Stereo Speaker and multi-input ports.

itel provides 100 days replacement and 4 Years Panel Warranty Service for all itel televisions supported by Carlcare Service Centre. itel remains focused at expanding the availability of technology for everyone to join in the experience and enjoy a better life.

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About itel: Established in 2007, itel democratizes technology by giving entry to technology and connectedness to consumers without prior access to it, allowing them to get closer and benefit from their social connections. It is a brand under Transsion Holdings, which is ranked 4th in global mobile phone manufacturers with an 8.1% market share, 1st in Africa (52.5%), 5th in India (6.8%), and 2nd in Bangladesh (15.6%), TRANSSION has expanded its global sales network to more than 70 countries and regions worldwide whilst itel has expanded its presence in around 50 emerging markets globally and the number keeps increasing. itel has a product portfolio of mobiles, tablets, smart accessories and TVs. African Business, an authoritative business magazine in Britain, has ranked itel 17th in the 2018/2019 TOP 100 MOST-ADMIRED BRANDS IN AFRICA ranking.