Siam-Puja teaming up again in ‘Sikander’

Publish: 9:31 PM, January 5, 2021 | Update: 9:31:PM, January 5, 2021

TBT Report
Popular star of Dhaka cinema Siam Ahmed and actress Puja Cherry. There performance has won the hearts of millions of fans. That’s why Siam-Puja is going to reunite in a new movie to entertain the audience once again.

The name of the new movie is ‘Sikander’. The movie is being produced by Bengal Multimedia. ‘Sikander’ is directed by Zubair Alam, which is his first film. The shooting of Siam-Puja’s ‘Sikander’ is scheduled to start in the second week of March as heared.

Director Jubayer Alam told the media about the shooting of the movie, I will go for shooting in March. I am creating a different look of Siam. It is not a person-centered movie. It is a specific plot base story. Everything is one hundred percent final. I will let know everything at the end of this month nothing before that.

Siam Ahmed and Puja had earlier teamed up and acted in ‘PoraMon-2’ and ‘Dahan’. The two pictures were quite acclaimed after their release. Another of their movies ‘Shaan’ is under way.