Dream of becoming a good actor: Arfin Xunayed



Publish: 8:46 PM, January 5, 2021 | Update: 8:46:PM, January 5, 2021

TBT REPORT: Emerging actor Arfin Xunayed started working in media since 2015. He started his debut with a short film. He then drew the attention of directors within a short time. In 2016, he acted in the drama ‘It’s My Life’ directed by Tapu Khan. It was released on YouTube. Then he did not have to look back. In the meantime, Xunayed has acted in several television dramas. Apart from this, he has also included his name in modelling. He is currently working on several fashion photo shoots.

Arfin Xunayed was born in the capital’s Mirpur on 19th of September although his village home is at Tungipara in Gopalganj. When he was a child, he moved to Saudi Arabia with his parents where he grew up. He spent his school and university life in Saudi Arabia. He has an elder brother,a younger brother and a lovely sister. Xunayed returned to the country in 2010. A great passion for cricket was developed in him during his childhood time. His interest in cricket increased as days passed by. He dreamed of becoming a cricketer.

Being born in Gopalganj, Xunayed was lucky to get in touch with Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. Seeing his strong interest to cricket, Mashrafe used to inspire him. He calls Mashrafe as ‘Kaushik Bhai’. All his dreams about cricket were ruined as he sustained a sudden injury. Since then, he started weaving dreams overacting.

Xunayed said “We call Mashrafe ‘Kaushik Bhai’. Kaushik Bhai has supported me much. He also encouraged me. But I had to leave the game due to my injury. My dream of becoming a cricketer did not come true as my luck did not favour me. I have been cherishing a dream of doing something for the country since my childhood. I decided to act when my dream of becoming a cricketer did not favour me.

At present, Xunayed has two web series and two television plays in his hands. A drama starring him is going to be released in this January. Xunayed’s full concentration revolves around acting. Talking about his future plans, Xunayed said, although I started working in media with YouTube, my target was the big screen. And I am preparing myself for that goal. I’m currently spending time with several dramas and fashion photoshoots. “I know it’s very difficult to get myself on the big screen now,” he said. But I do not want to give up. I will try my best, the rest depends on luck. “I want to be a good actor. I want to move ahead slowly with the love and blessings of everyone.”

This time Xunayed is going to act in a new drama. He will act in Sajib Chishti’s play ‘Sori Mirabai’. Model, actress Shimu Khan Shelley will play the role of Meera in the drama. Another important character will be played by the model of the time, Arfin Xunayed.

The story of the drama revolves around the biography of a dancer. The playwright and producer Sajib did not want to say more than that. Xunayed is going to work for the first time in the production of Tiger Express. Both the producer and the producer are optimistic about Xunayed.