‘Always wanted to be a soldier of Bangabandhu’s ideals’: Firoz Plabon

Publish: 9:24 PM, November 28, 2020 | Update: 9:24:PM, November 28, 2020

M H Sumon
Musician and music director Firoz Plabon have been busy singing songs in various elections in the country for the boat symbol. So far, the popular artist has sung more than a thousand songs about the development of the boat symbol and leader Sheikh Hasina.

On Friday evening, the viral artist song talked to this reporter about his dreams and reality. He said the unspoken words of his love for the boat symbol and public leader Sheikh Hasina.

In the beginning, he paid homage to the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and said there was no alternative to the boat symbol in the development of the country.

As a citizen of a country, I think it is my responsibility and duty to highlight the development and progress of the country in the fact that the boat has shown the way to the independence and development of the country. From that love, I pay homage to Sheikh Hasina and I sing for the victory of the boat symbol in every election.

Musician Firoz Plabon has been at the center of discussions in every election of the country by singing the song titled ‘Naukar Joy’. Besides, in every village of the country including Dhaka, the songs sung forboat symbol by Firoz Plabonis played during the election.

Multimedia’s own YouTube channel has released several songs titled ‘Atik Bhai’s Joy’ and ‘Tapash Bhai’s Joy’ about the City Corporation election. The songs have already been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

When asked about the songs, music director and musician Firoz Plabon said, “I wanted to see myself as a soldier of Bangabandhu’s ideology since I was a child. The contribution of Sheikh Hasina, the development and progress of the country has inspired me more and more to love the boat symbol. I sing the victory song of the boat symbol from my mind, and I will sing it as long as I live.

He said that because of singing for the boat symbol, I was threatened and insulted in various ways from abroad with unknown numbers on the phone and through social media. Still I am singing the song of the boat.

He further said, “I do not sing songs of the boat symbol for anyone, I sing the song of the boat symbol out of my own feelings. I do not want anything in exchange, I just want the love of the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina.

Earlier in the last parliamentary elections, the artist’s song ‘Joy Bangla Banglar Joy’, ‘Naukar Joy’, ‘Sheikh Hasina Joy’, ‘Nouka Tay Vote Dio’, ‘Bar Bar Dorkar Sheikh Hasina Er Sorkar’, the title songs went viral through social media.