Staggering longevity of some of the oldest trees may surprise you

Publish: 4:13 PM, November 21, 2020 | Update: 1:35:AM, November 22, 2020

How long a tree can live?

If you know the answer you remain surprised, If you don’t know you are about to get surprised. Let’s dive into the mindboggling longevity of some of the trees. Let’s begin with the ancient tree methuselah. Experts ensure within this year great basin Bristlecone pine tree nickname methuselah going to be 4851 years of age. Until 2013, it’s been ranked as the oldest living individual tree with verified age. Methuselah stands in the White Mountain of California along with other Bristlecone pine where its identity kept secret to protect it. No visitors till today know which one is methuselah. Perhaps by knowing the magnificent longevity of Methuselah your curiosity emerges to know which trees longevity surpassed Methuselah.

In 1964, researcher Donald Rusk Currey by mistake cut down a Bristlecone pine named Prometheus in wheeler park Nevada. After cutting it down he measured its age and he found out he just cut down the world’s oldest living tree. This tree was 4863 years of age at the moment to fall. Because it was cut down, its living status was gone and can never get to be in the list of oldest living trees.

The tree which surpassed the age of methuselah and Prometheus is another Bristlecone pine growing in the white mountain of California, in the same area where methuselah resides. It’s apparently 5070 years of age. It is now the oldest known non-clonal tree. Till today no name has been given to it and its identity has also been kept secret to protect it.

Many predicted there could be non-clonal trees, which can be more ancient. There has no way we can brush aside those predictions by considering the similarity of the ages of neon oldest trees in proportion to their longevity.

Now let’s look at some of the ancient clonal trees. In Fulufjället National Park, Sweden, there has a tree called Old Tjikko. Though its stems aged not over 600 years its humongous root system age is around 9550 years. Jurupa oak, another ancient tree resides in Jurupa Mountain, California, which aged around 13000 years. Pando is a clonal tree in Fishlake National Forest, Utah, United States. Pando ranked first as the oldest clonal tree and heaviest known organism. Unbelievable but true: Pando’s weight is 6000 ton. This tree looks less a tree than a forest. Currently, Pando is around 80000 years old.