Elderly, Disabled and Widow allowance through SureCash



Publish: 4:29 PM, November 7, 2020 | Update: 4:29:PM, November 7, 2020

The government is providing allowances to the elderly, the disabled and the widows across the country under the social safety net allowance program. And Rupali Bank SureCash is working as one of the top mobile banking services for the distribution of allowance money to these beneficiaries digitally.

The government is strengthening the social security for the helpless and endangered people of the country day-by-day. Pilot phase has started in eight unions of eight divisions of the country with the initiative of the Department of Social Services under the social welfare ministry. Among them, SureCash has distributed allowance money to the beneficiaries of Lord Hardinge union of Lalmohan upazila, Bhola, Barisal and Raipur union of Barhatta upazila, Netrokona, Mymensingh. The elderly and widows are getting 500 taka and the disabled are getting 750 taka per month.

SureCash has taken several steps at the field-level to reach out to this marginalized population of the country. Local agents have been made more active, including area-based miking, postering and call centre support to aware the beneficiaries. In continuous collaboration with the local social welfare officer, chairman, and ward members, SureCash has distributed the allowance digitally and on time.

In this context, the CEO of SureCash Dr. Shahadat Khan said, “We are proud to work with such an initiative of the government. Work is underway on a pilot phase at the primary stage. Already 90 percent of the distribution has been completed. Through this initiative, the beneficiaries from remote areas can easily withdraw money from their SureCash mobile account.”

Beneficiaries do not have to pay any fee to withdraw money through the SureCash mobile account.