Iresh to portray as antagonist in ‘Mukhosh’

Publish: 9:34 PM, October 17, 2020 | Update: 9:34:PM, October 17, 2020

TBT Report

‘Mukhosh’ a movie which is going to be made with government grant under the direction of Ittekhar Shuvo. Popular actor Iresh Zaker is going to portray as antagonist in Ittekhar’s movie ‘Mukhosh’. Earlier, the actor was praised for his negative roles in ‘Chuye Dile Mon’ and ‘Debi’. Iresh Zaker will be seen as an influential producer named Shah Newaz. And Faruk Ahmed will be seen in the role of a director.
The director said that the artist of the film is almost finalized.
Iftekhar Shuvo also said that actor Farooq Ahmed has signed a contract for an important role in his movie.
However, the producer said that another special surprise is waiting in the list of artists of the movie ‘Mukhosh’. This will be announced on the first day of shooting or on the day of Mahrat.
Iftekhar said, “Shooting of ‘Mukhosh’ movie will start next December or January. Shooting will be done at different places in Sylhet-Savar and Dhaka.”
Pori Moni and Roshan have already been finalized as the heroines in the movie ‘Mukhosh’.
Iftekhar Shuvo will direct and produce the government-sponsored film ‘Mukhosh’ for the 2019-20 financial year. The film is based on his novel ‘Mukhosh’.