Srabonti returns country for her mother’s illness

October 12, 2020 | 21:05:PM | Update21:05:PM

TBT Report

Mahmuda Sultana, the mother of popular model and actress Ipshita Shabnam Srabonti, is seriously ill as she is suffering from diabetes and liver disease .

Srabonti said “My mother has been suffering from diabetes and liver cirrhosis for a long time,” Srabonti told to the media on Monday morning. Now the she is in very bad condition. Couldn’t stay away after hearing this news. Now I am with my mother, I feel very glad as I’m able to serve her. ‘
She was recently admitted to the hospital after her physical condition deteriorated. Upon receiving the news, Srabonti, known as ‘Wrong Number’, rushed to Dhaka to stay by her mother’s side.

The actress arrived to Bangladesh on the night of October 9. She rushed to her village home in Bogra where her mother lives. She said her mother was brought to Bardem Hospital in Bogra yesterday morning. Doctors are trying hard.

Asking everyone to pray for her 68 year old mother, Srabonti said, “I want blessings from everyone for my mother. May Allah heal my mother soon. ‘
Incidentally, Ipshita Shabnam Srabonti was once very popular as a model and actress. She has won the hearts of the audience with her mesmerizing smile. She came to the lime light with the serial drama ‘Jochnar Phul’.

Besides, the actress got a lot of response through the movies ‘Wrong Number’ and ‘Bachelor’. She has been out of all sorts of discussions for a long time. She is currently living permanently in the United States with her two daughters.

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