BEPZA export up by 19.66pc, hits record high

Publish: 12:57 PM, August 12, 2018 | Update: 12:57 PM, August 12, 2018

DHAKA – Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)’s eight EPZ zones have achieved a record high growth rate in export by 19.66pc during the current fiscal year (FY) ended 2017-18 under the tenure of current government.

“476 operational enterprises have exported goods worth US$ 7,208.27 million in the recently ended fiscal year 2017-18… At the same time, the total national export of the country was US$ 36,668.17 million. Thus, the contribution of BEPZA to the national export has reached to 19.66pc which is record high of any previous time,” a BEPZA press release said.

Meanwhile, Export target was fixed US$ 6,200 million for the FY 2017-18. However, the enterprise of EPZs exported goods worth of US$ 7,208.27 million as per Annual Performance Agreement (APA), a yearly target based agreement
signed with Prime Minister’s Office.

Among them, Chattogram EPZ earned US$ 2,442.99 million, Dhaka EPZ US$ 2,203.26 million, Karnaphuli EPZ US$ 978.92 million, Adamjee EPZ US$ 765 million, Cumilla EPZ US$ 408.64 million, Mongla EPZ US$ 53.13 million, Ishwardi EPZ US$ 131.42 million and Uttara EPZ US$ 224.91 million.

The cumulative export earnings from eight EPZs stand at US$ 66,575.12 million till June 2018, the release added. BEPZA also exceeded investment and employment target in the FY 2017-18 set by APA.

The operational and under construction enterprises of EPZs have attracted US$ 339.54 million investment against target of US$ 325 million. The cumulative investment stands at US$ 4680.85 million as of June 2018.

BEPZA’s target was to create 19,500 job opportunities in the FY 2017-18 where the enterprises of eight EPZs created job opportunities for 21,726 Bangladeshi nationals. 5, 02,013 Bangladeshi nationals are working in eight the EPZs of the country as on June 2018.

The previous highest export earnings from the enterprises of EPZs were US$ 6676.32 million in the FY 2015-16 and the previous highest contribution was 19.59pc in the FY 2014-15.