Decision on SL tour likely to be finalized within couple of days

Publish: 7:47 PM, September 17, 2020 | Update: 7:47:PM, September 17, 2020

DHAKA, —The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is expecting Sri Lanka’s reply about Bangladesh’s tour in the Island nation within two or three days.

BCB’s media and communications committee chairman Jalal Younus said since the issue is Sri Lanka’s national issue, Bangladesh couldn’t impose any pressure to reply about their proposal shortly.

“We made it clear that the quarantine period should be reduced and we have to be given the practice facilities, otherwise, it’s impossible for us to play the series,” Jalal Younus said here today.

“Now we are waiting for their reply. Sri Lanka will give their decision. But since it is their national issue, Sri Lanka Cricket itself couldn’t give any decision. You know they have a task force who are controlling the COVID-19. So we can’t impose pressure on them to give the reply quickly. We are waiting for their reply. Hopefully we’ll get the reply within two or three days.”

Whatever Sri Lanka does, Jalal Younus said, Bangladesh is taking their preparation, eying to think about the tour positively.

“We are ready. We have taken our preparation as we need to. If any positive reply comes, we can complete all formalities within one week. Problems will arise only when they will take a long time to reply,” Younus said.

The BCB will start conducting the players’ corona test from Friday as part of the plan of the series. Bangladesh is scheduled to leave the country for Colombo on September 27. The first Test is due to be held on October 24.