BFF to award academies with star recognition

Publish: 6:16 PM, September 12, 2020 | Update: 6:16:PM, September 12, 2020

DHAKA,- The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) have launched a world-renowned academy accreditation Scheme. There are many private academies and commercial operators out in the football community in Bangladesh, a BFF press release said today.

The Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) through the accreditation scheme will recognise, acknowledge and reward academies, which contribute to quality football experiences for players, officials, volunteers and coaches.

Through a professional two way process the BFF will award academies with a one (1), two (2), or three (3) star recognition who fulfill BFF, AFC and FIFA recognised criteria.

The BFF technical department have organised a range of Zoom meetings with all academies to present the scheme, ascertain certain information and start the process of evaluating the academies to award a star recognition.

As part of this professional process the BFF attaches the academy criteria checklist. The checklist for academies has a detailed criterion. The ticks alongside the checklist illustrate what standards the academies need to currently operate against. The academies need to present to the BFF technical department accurate information to determine these operating standards before the BFF can then determine and award a particular one (1), two (2), or three (3) star rating.