Bangladesh prefers seven-day quarantine in SL tour: BCB CEO

Publish: 6:15 PM, September 12, 2020 | Update: 6:15:PM, September 12, 2020

DHAKA, -The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) made it clear that they are preferring seven-day quarantine in Sri Lanka before getting down for the three-match Test series against the hosts.

The BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury said that the latest discussion is revolving around how many days they would have to stay in quarantine after landing Sri Lanka. Having said that the CEO informed the Sri Lankan Cricket Board is now in touch with their Government about Bangladesh’s preference for the quarantine period and sought some documents from Tigers which BCB had already given.

“The last time we were contacted, they said we may have to stay in quarantine for seven days. Then we can do our scheduled programme,” Nizamuddin Chowdhury said here today.

“We have received a positive response from those involved in the Department of Health. However, they [Sri Lanka] wanted some documents. We gave it. We hope to get their permission in the next couple of days.”

He said at the same time, when the BCB is in touch with the Lankan board, they also kept their preparation for the tour going on.

“Our preparations can no longer be stopped. We have planned our travel booking, our practice plan, when we will start practicing in Dhaka. That is how our activities are going,” he added. “As far as the Sri Lanka Cricket Board is concerned, seven days quarantine may be the maximum. That is how the discussion is going on. If we can limit it to seven days we will be able to proceed as we have planned.”

Bangladesh national team’s tour in Sri Lanka however coincides with the High Performance (HP) team’s tour there against Lankan HP team. Since the Lankan board can’t give any team for warm-up game, Bangladesh planned to play some warm-up games against their HP team in Sri Lanka.

And therefore, the BCB wants to get down the business at the third day of the tour, which CEO said is still in discussion. But at the same time, he reminded that the quarantine period should be seven days.

“It will not be 14 days. We prefer seven day. We are supposed to get down to business on the third day. It is still under discussion,” he said.