Drivers to lose points for 9 offences under new transport law: Anisul

Publish: 2:49 PM, August 6, 2018 | Update: 2:49:PM, August 6, 2018

DHAKA – Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq today said drivers under the newly proposed Road Transport Act 2018, will lose points for committing nine kinds of traffic violations and automatically be banned from driving if he loses all his 12 points.

“A driver’s points will be deducted if he violates red signal, overtakes in wrong places, enters main street or highway without stopping from an alleyway, violates the speed limit of the concerned street, obstructs other vehicles by stopping his one on purpose, driving in wrong direction in one way street, violating weight limit or driving dangerously, driving while intoxicated, or committing any other offences banned by provision,” Anisul told BSS while talking about the law.

The government this morning endorsed the draft of the law at the cabinet meeting. The law minister said if anyone loses half of his designated driving points, his license will be suspended for a year, while it will be scraped
for life automatically if he loses all the points.

“Any appointing person or body has to sign a deed in writing while appointing drivers. Defence forces would be able to give driving license to their officials, staffs under their own regulations, and the authorities concerned would also be able to suspend or scrap foreign driving license as well,” Anisul added.

The minister said no one will be allowed to work as a conductor in any public vehicle without getting conductor license and a certified conductor would not be able to hand over his license to someone else.

While talking about allegations of giving fitness certificate to unfit vehicles for money by BRTA, the law minister said if any official gives fitness certificate to any unfit vehicle, he would have to face departmental action.

“Government would establish a fund to compensate people who are injured, suffering financial losses or killed in road accidents. The authorities concerned would realize financial contribution from vehicle owners or company
for the fund,” Anisul said.

The minister said if anyone is found driving without a license, he would be sentenced to six-month imprisonment or fined maximum Taka 25 thousand or both.

“If anyone found working as conductor without proper license, he would face one-month imprisonment or fined maximum Taka five thousand or both. If anyone gets injured, seriously injured or dies because of drivers fault, the
offences will come under the concerned sections of Penal Code 1860 (Act No XLV of 1860),” Anisul further said.

However, if the road accident is found to be deliberate or intentional it can be tried under the Penal code 302 or 304, he added.