Ananya in three new songs

Publish: 9:30 PM, August 11, 2020 | Update: 9:30:PM, August 11, 2020


Ananya Acharya, a young singer who got acquainted with Meridian Channel I Khude Gaanraj, has a vocal presence in all branches of music including audio, stage shows, television live and playback. In a short time, she has been praised for her own singing. This time, the well-known singer, who is famous for her ‘young age’, is going to appear with three new songs.

She gave the voice of 3 new songs in a studio in the capital on monday. The three songs titled Chandragrahan, Monn Re Amar (Folk) and Hasaiya Kandaiya (Chittagong Regional) are written by Humayun Chowdhury Himu, composed by Syed Mansur and composed by Ruptanu Rupu.

Speaking about the three new songs, Ananya said, “I have received more response than expected from the songs that have already been released.” That’s why I’m so much more grateful to my audience. I am bringing some more new songs for that reason. There are three types of songs. Each has its own uniqueness and differences. I believe that the listeners will like these songs as before.

It is learned that these new songs will be released in video format very soon.
By the way, Ananya has left her mark in the playback as well as the single song. She has sung five songs in the movie ‘Mayawati’ directed by Arun Chowdhury. A truly unique record as a rising music star. She has also given voice to drama songs outside the film. In the drama ‘Ichche Ghuri’, she got a good response by singing the song titled ‘Keu Ekjan’.

Ananya has sung in five mixed albums, Antar Jolay, Ranger Duniya, Mann Paboner Ghora, Chatga Express and Swarnaguti. She has also released two solo albums of Mann Paboner Ghora and Eid Namilo Kar.