Marzuk ate meat after a year and a half

Publish: 5:08 PM, August 5, 2020 | Update: 5:08:PM, August 5, 2020

TBT Report

Marzuk Russell quit eating meat a year and a half ago. Not only meat, but all kinds of animal foods including fish, eggs, milk and oil, ghee, cheese, butter etc. are left out. At different times, Marzuk has brought to the fore the harmful aspects of these foods. He has also published various recipes of cooking without oil on social media.

Collects formalin and chemical free organic vegetables, fruits, rice, daul etc. from various places. It can be said that the famous poet and actor of the time Marzuk Russell was following a healthy eating habit.

However, producer Maidul Rakib caused the rhythm of his eating habits to decline. In a drama made by him on the occasion of Eid, the character of Marzuk Russell had to eat beef. Because the name of the drama is ‘Gorur Mangsho’. After a year and a half for the need of the story and character, Marjuk Russell picked up the beef.

“I want to be a so-called ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’, no matter what, I eat whole-plant-based foods. It has been almost a year and a half since I was able to change my eating habits after 17 years of various studies and efforts. he said. Avoid foods that are harmful to the body, fish, meat, oil, fat are not good for our body and environment at all.

That is why I have excluded these from my eating habits. I stopped eating meat about a year and a half ago. But this time I ate for the drama, even up to that scene. I’ve been doing a lot of things for the character before, even up to that scene, like cigarette. I don’t smoke. ‘Don’t eat fish, meat, milk, eggs that it is harmful, he ate just for dramas!’ ” In a comment on a Facebook post, I replied, “If you kill someone in a story, movie, or in a drama, it’s not the actor’s job to kill in real life.”

This sacrifice of Marzuk Russell did not go in vain. The ‘Gorur Mangsho’ drama has gained acceptance from the audience. As a result, it took the number one position in the YouTube trending of Bangladesh last Sunday.

At the end of the story centered on the greed to eat beef, he stopped crying. The drama also stars Tamanna Ajmir, Chashi Alam and Tanjim Hasan Anik. The play is produced by CD Choice.