International music platforms verifies Tamim Islam as official artist

Publish: 8:52 PM, July 23, 2020 | Update: 8:52:PM, July 23, 2020

Tamim Islam is a prominent Bangladeshi artist, composer and music director. He has already been verified as the official artist from the international music platforms YouTube and Spotify. He received the official artist channel verified on YouTube in July 2020 and recently he also received the Artist Verify badge from Spotify. His Official FB Fan page named “Tamim Islam” has also been verified in May 2020.

He started his musical career in 2014 with a song titled “Keno” from a renowned audio company “Sangeeta”. Since then he has been releasing beautiful songs one after another. In 2017, he released his first solo album “Tamim” from CD CHOICE MUSIC, an audio production company of Bangladesh. Then he released a number of solo songs in 2018 & 2019. Some of his songs “uruurumon, Cholonamoyi, abeg diya din cholena, bhalo beshey harini, lukochuri & esharai” got huge response.

“I’ve worked with a lot of production companies but now it’s time to work on my own YouTube channel,” he said of the work ahead. YouTube has given me official artist verification; how many do get? From now on, I will publish all my songs from my own verified YouTube channel “Tamim Islam” and also put my songs on all other international platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer and also in the national platform streaming apps Gpmusic, Vibe, Splash & Shadin. And in the future, I think everyone will publish their songs in this way. And now the country’s epidemic “Corona” has become a permanent problem, in which it is not possible to work outside the home. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go there. So I think at this time YouTube, Spotify and iTunes and all the streaming apps are the best medium to publish songs at home.

Lastly, I want to thank Facebook, YouTube and Spotify for verifying me as a verified artist to take my music life one step further. I need everyone’s blessings so that I can stay healthy and give you more good songs.