Protesting students call abduction story “rumour”

Publish: 3:29 PM, August 4, 2018 | Update: 3:29:PM, August 4, 2018

DHAKA  – Students waging the movement for safer road today termed as “rumour” the propagation that four female students were taken to hostages at Awami League’s Dhanmandi office saying no such incident took place as alleged.

“We were initially misled by the propagation . . . but we found no validity of the propagation as we visited here,” a spokesman of the agitating students Ashiqur Rahman Turjo told a news briefing at the Awami League’s Dhanmandi office.

Turjo urged the protesting students outside the office not to pay head to such rumours.

His comments came as he along with a group of his fellow comrades visited the scene themselves being invited by party’s office secretary Abdus Sobhan Golap there. The students visited different rooms of the office.

Awami League’s deputy office secretary Barrister Biplob Barua, meanwhile, urged authorities to expose to justice the perpetrators of the rumours.

“This is an attempt to create an instability in the country misguiding the tender age students . . . we demand the perpetrators of the propagation to be exposed to stern punitive actions under the Penal Code,” he told BSS.