Ishana Khan, husband shoots for Australian fashion house



Publish: 10:00 PM, June 27, 2020 | Update: 10:13:PM, June 27, 2020

Lux-superstar Ishana Khan, after her marriage became an expatriate in Australia but now she has become a model for the popular boutique house Villoni in Sydney. Moreover, her husband Sarrief Chowdhury has also become a model with Ishana Khan.

Ishana Khan and her husband has got the opportunity to work there through a Bangladeshi photographer, an Australian citizen Rizz Rehman.

Last Saturday, the shoot was completed at a large-scale studio in Sydney. In the photo shoot there were special gowns, which were worn by popular celebrities to the red carpet show. It is very expensive in Bangladeshi taka.

Ishana Khan said from Australia that, I got the opportunity to work in Sydney through Riz Rahman. He is familiar with my husband and he had been working at large big events. And he also had worked with popular celebrities including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor.

She added that, we had been talking about two months for the work. I shot for Boutique House Villoni after the authorities after liked my profile and my various works in Bangladesh.

She said that, she had photo shoot alone and also with her husband.

‘I have worked at another fashion house in Sydney during the last Ramadan, which belongs to the Bangladeshi fashion house. It was based on Bengali culture. But the work has not yet been published. Before publishing that, I become a model for a fashion house of Australia’ added Ishana Khan.

She also added that, I have done many photo shoots in Bangladesh but the experience of Sydney, which I have never done in my life and it is a completely new experience for me.

In 2009, Ishana Khan became the first runner up of ‘Lux-Channel I Superstar’ competition. Then, she got publicity by working in advertisements, dramas, TV movies. After two years of relationship, she married Sharif Chowdhury on 10 July last year. Later on Ishana khan flew to Sydney with her husband.