Liana Lia wants to be everyone’s favorite celebrity



Publish: 1:31 AM, May 6, 2020 | Update: 2:03:AM, May 6, 2020
Photo : Liana Lia

Liana Lia, a busy model and actress of the time, has made a strong position in the media in a short time with her eye-catching glamor. She dreamed to be a famous model from her early age. She is on her way. Liana made her media debut through a fashion house photoshoot. She has already been a model for the country’s most expensive brands including Dibas, Rong Bangladesh, Alviras, Deshal, Baran. She came to the discussion by advertising the products of ‘Pran Chanachur’, ‘Vision Electronics’, ‘Nati Biscuits’, ‘Pran Chutney’, ‘Jira Pani’ etc.

The current song style has changed a bit. Now not only audio, but also video has become more important along with songs. So, artists of different generations are making music videos of their songs. A common face in music videos of this period is Liana Leah. Yes, the girl we are talking about is Liana Lia, who is now one of the most popular models in music videos. She has become a model in the songs of many popular artists of this era. Evergreen singer of Bengali music Kumar Biswajit’s song titled ‘Jochnar Barshane’ was released with video on the night of September 11. Liana Leah is the model in the music video of the song. She has also acted in several popular music videos including Belal Khan’s ‘Kat Yeh Apeksha’, Pratya Khan’s ‘Majhe Maajhe’, Habib’s ‘Tumi Amar’ and most recently Imran’s ‘Dhoya’. Although it started with a photoshoot of a fashion house, she got into a lot of discussion with a music video. Besides, the movie ‘Rangbaj’ starring Liana was released last Eid. Dhaliwood King Shakib Khan shared screen with her. Although she acted as Shakib Khan’s heroine in the film, the audience knows her as a music video model. Another new music video of Liana titled ‘Aj Keno Sunnota’ has been released on the YouTube channel called ‘My Sound’. Popular vocalist Akash Sen has given voice in it. Speaking about working on music videos, Liana said, ‘I have worked on songs by many popular artists. It got a lot bigger for me. I have tried my best to give good work gifts’.

Last Eid-ul-Azha, Liana worked with Dhaliwood King Shakib in the film ‘Rangbaaz’ directed by Abdul Mannan. ‘I am fortunate to have Dhaliwood superstar Shakib Khan as my co-artist in my first film,’ she said about with Shakib in her first film. I have learned a lot by acting with Shakib Khan. Got lots of cooperation from him. About her current work and busy schedule, Liana Leah said that she has received job offers in several other films after Rangbaj. In one of them, everything is final. But I can’t tell the media right now. The announcement of my new film will be come very soon. Music videos or movies; in which platform you can be seen? Liana answers this question as, ‘My fans will find me in two ways. However, I am working very selectively’.

Meanwhile, there are allegations that many people are harassed during working in the silver screen. In this regard, Liana said, if you go for work, various problems will come up. But we have to coordinate everything and move forward.

Born and raised in Mirpur, Dhaka, Liana Lia is the youngest of three siblings. Currently working in the media as well as busy at studying. In this context, she said, I prioritize my study first, after that everything else and that is why I will do less media work. While working in the media, many actresses have to face obstacles from their families. But Liana’s case is different. “I’m getting full support from my family,” she added. With their help I am able to come to where I am today.

It is to be noted that Liana Lea is currently doing Honors in English Literature after completing her higher secondary from IDL College.