SAF takes special initiative in burying the dead infected with Covid-19



Publish: 4:12 PM, April 27, 2020 | Update: 4:13:PM, April 27, 2020
The Salma-Adil Foundation (SAF) has taken a noble, humane and special initiative to bury the dead people infected with COVID-19. SAF will provide free burial supplies to those dying due to the attack of Coronavirus.

Recently, there have been various complications in burying the body of a person who has died of corona or similar symptoms across the country or the capital. The relatives of the deceased, therefore, undergo extreme distress while organizing a proper burial and often results in missing out the last societal custom that the dead person deserves.

Medical experts of the country have also said that there is no risk of infection if the body of a patient infected with coronavirus is buried accordingly maintaining proper safety procedures. Considering all these issues, SAF has taken such an initiative.

In case of death due to Coronavirus infection, the organization will provide free burial supplies free of cost. According to the Foundation, the necessary equipment and supplies for burial will be delivered to the relatives of the deceased through volunteers upon contacting these two numbers 01977 889 806 and 01917 707 771 or reaching out on their Facebook page (

The foundation has already handed over burial supplies, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and other protective gadgets to a special group of volunteers known as ‘Khidmatul Maiyat-Gazipur’ and in Chandanish Upazila of Chittagong with its funding.