SCSL brings Cybersecurity Device Box for cybersecurity services

Publish: 4:08 PM, April 22, 2020 | Update: 4:08 PM, April 22, 2020

Star Computer Systems Ltd (SCSL) comes up with SCSL-IZAPY Venture Cybersecurity Device Box for overall and comprehensive cybersecurity services as per the requirements and evaluation.

Under this service, illegal penetration, evaluation of threats of attacks on security, responses to cybersecurity breaches and other security advice will be served. On vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) service, the SCSL-IZAPY Venture Cybersecurity Device Box has more than 600 built-in tools and 1,000 exploitations.

Meanwhile, Star Computer Systems Limited (SCSL) and IZAPY Venture have started working with a range of organizations in home and abroad regarding cybersecurity device box.

Ms. Rezwana Khan, CEO of Star Computer Systems Limited (SCSL) said, “In the aftermath of Coronavirus pandemic, different organizations have started thinking about their cybersecurity. In the meantime, cybersecurity will become a matter of a great concern. We started working on that goal. SCSL-IZAPY Venture Cybersecurity Device Box is a trouble-free solution to cybersecurity. To ensure the cybersecurity of banking, ICT, corporate, gaming sector or big organizations the device box is very cost effective.

The tool box will evaluate every single issue and let you know immediately if there is any cyber breach of system. In addition, you also provided with feedback and suggestions on hacking, cyber security risk assessment and cyber security breach. We already signed contract with a number of banks. One can avail SCSL-IZAPY Venture CybersSecurity Device Box services under a number of packages.”

Mr. Hamid Khan, Technical Consultant of Star Computer Systems Limited (SCSL), said, “Use of SCSL-IZAPY Venture Cybersecurity Device Box is too easy. After first installation, you can plug and play. System configuration of the compact design device box will remain same. In addition, there are more than 600 built-in tools and over 1,000 exploitation capacities. The box contains an incoming data block. The box is ISO 27001; CSI; GDPR scan certified. It can capture 20-40% of the traditional PT methods. One time setup makes it cost effective and reasonable.”

He added, “SCSL-IZAPY Venture Cybersecurity Device Box made on ZapScan (threat based vulnerability scan) then ZapPT (threat based penetration testing), ZapTI (threat intelligence and Monitoring) and ZapMSS (Security Operations-SOC). Having a 24-hour expert monitoring team, report this service can be manoeuvre as per want of the client those who access the Cybersecurity Device Box. In addition, a process with graphical and technical details will be served for solving problems. It also has a reporting policy for executive officials.”

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