JnU provide financial support to poor students



Publish: 4:57 PM, April 9, 2020 | Update: 4:57:PM, April 9, 2020

Nakibul Ahsan Nishad; JnU Correspondent: Due to crisis situations in the world and lockdown on Coronavirus infection Jagannath University decided to provide financial support to the poor students of Jagannath University.

On Thursday (April 9th), the general secretary of the Jagannath University Nil Dal sent a letter to the chairman of all the departments of the university, listing the poor students.

According to the letter, like all other countries in the world, our country is not immune to the corona virus.  Lock-down is underway in the country in case of an emergency.  As a result, many of our university’s poor students and their families are living in poor conditions.  Under the circumstances, we (Jagannath University Nil Dal) want to distribute some money received from the teachers of Jagannath University to the poor students.

Also in the letter, the chairmen of all departments were asked to inform the information of the 3 helpless students (student name, department, session, ID, mobile number) from each department by April 10 to help the poor students of the university.

Nil Dal unit general secretary Dr.  Siddhartha Bhowmik said, “I have emailed the notification of the chairman of all the departments, we will provide each students one thousand taka according to the list.” And I hope all the teachers will be with the students during this crisis.