Mahbubul A Khalid’s Corona awareness song



Publish: 10:59 PM, March 20, 2020 | Update: 10:59:PM, March 20, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak has become a global pandemic as the virus rapidly spreads across the world. Thousands of lives have been lost for the outbreak of the deadly virus. However, the outbreak of the virus can be stopped if everybody maintain some necessary health rules.

Renowned poet, lyricist and composer Mahbubul A Khalid has penned a song to raise awareness on Coronavirus. He also composed the music of the song titled ‘Korona Ke Voy Koro Na’ (Don’t get panicked of Corona).

The song calls upon all not to get panicked of Coronavirus and follow useful health rules to prevent the outbreak of the deadly virus. The song deals with theme of ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Four young singers- Kishore Das, Muhin Khan, Hasnat Tasnim Sangeeta and Noshin Tabassum Saran rendered their voices to the song under the music arrangement of Roman Rahman.

The music video of the song has been released on Mahbubul A Khalid’s YouTube channel ‘Khalid Sangeet’. Besides, the song has been published on the website of
Listeners can set the song as welcome tune. For that, Robi subscribers will have to dial *8466*202# while Airtel subscribers *788*271#.
YouTube link of the song ‘Korona Ke Voy Koro Na’: