WhatsOn Asia Wedding Guide 2020 Out Now!



Publish: 5:38 PM, March 20, 2020 | Update: 5:38:PM, March 20, 2020

Nakibul Ahsan Nishad: JnU Correspondent: Famous singer Dilshad Nahar Kona is the cover star of WhatsOn Asia’s Wedding guide, making it a must-have for fans. In an exclusive interview, the singer talks about her journey into the music industry, achieving her dream and overcoming obstacles.

WhatsOn is a global publication, published online and in print around the world and shining a light on youth artists, writers, activists, and musicians to transform our world for the benefit of all. It encourages graduates including women and minority groups to get involved with its creation, giving them a platform to share their views.

WhatsOn Managing Director Sam Alim said: “WhatsOn is a global platform for a new generation of multicultural activists, creatives, businesses, and progressives. We believe in empowerment through collaboration and participation.”

Whatson Director Setsu Adachi added: “We want to create a world where there is equality, co-operation, diversity and participation of all.”

Alongside top celebrity interviews, professors from several leading universities have provided exclusive columns on important issues, with their insight enriching the magazine.

In this special issue Associate Professor at Jagannath University, Mili Saha identifies: “How gender discrimination seen in the 60s still exists today”. In another perceptive piece looking at the ‘Menace of Modi’, Indian writer Sandipan Dhar says: “Anger is growing across the country against this new law which denies citizenship to Muslim Migrants. The nationwide protest is arguably the biggest display of opposition to Narendra Modi”. Plus Syed Iftekhar Alam, Newsroom Editor at Somoy Television investigates ‘The Threat of War’.

Also demonstrating WhatsOn’s progressive values, Mahmud Shawon’s story “End of the Endless Tale”, personifies the suffering of helpless mothers and their infant’s insecurity.

WhatsOn has worked with different brands to share with readers the best fashion, food and more for this time of year. This unique edition contains a special 10 steps on how to create the perfect wedding, including wedding photos from Bishworong the leading clothing brand and pioneering  photography of Bangladesh.

WhatsOn Guide is also proud to give a platform to upcoming stars. This brand new edition puts the spotlight on model & DJ Abraham Sarker, and young filmmaker Mashroor Parvez, passionate photographer Popy Jahan and eminent model and artist Zerin Sinthee.

Moreover, the magazine is jam-packed with upcoming songs, films, books and TV shows and has extensive listings of events, arts, festival and sports events scheduled for the year.

There are also photos from WhatsOn’s 2020 Award party. The presence of artists and contributors including prominent singer Samina Chowdhury, renowned actress Shampa Reza, young musician Xefer Rahman and more made this party very special.

Not only is WhatsOn available in print, but a digital version also means you can easily read the magazine online, available at whatson.guide and the link is https://whatson.guide/2000203-4wo-as-wg-ch/

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