Ill-competition, infiltrators ruin glory of BCL



Publish: 8:57 PM, February 10, 2020 | Update: 8:57:PM, February 10, 2020
Photo: TBT

To speak on the issue of Bangladesh politics, the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) came first in front of us. The student wing of the Bangladesh Awami League has stepped up 72 years crossing 71 recently. The father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman founded the organization on 4 January 1948.

Although, it was a glorious past, but within the three years, many allegations have been triggered against the student organization. From top to bottom leaders of the organization, there have been several complaints against them.

Why is so much difference between the past and present glory of the traditional organization? What do the leaders and researchers of BCL think about the organization?

Mujahid Hossain, a campus correspondent of ‘ The Bangladesh Today’ interviewed some top leaders and researchers on the issue.

Abu Sayed Md. Nazmul Haider
Teacher of Rajshahi University
“One of the reasons for the wide difference between past and present glory of BCL is ‘infiltrators'”. Mentioning Rajshahi University (RU), there were only 14-17 leader-activists in the campus before the national election on Jan in 2014. But now, if you look at a procession of BCL, it is come to light how much the ‘infiltrator’ part is.

As a second reason, he mentioned the ‘imbalance of leadership’. As a result, a large section of leader activists who were dedicated souls of BCL could not be evaluated properly.  As the third reason, he identified lack of timely council resulting many emerging and talented activists are missing out on the opportunity to lead.

Benazir Hossain Nishi
Joint General Secretary, BCL central committee
“As a student body, around 17,000 activists of BCL gave their lives in our independence war.  A special group has always worked to defame the organization. If a leader or activist commits a crime among the numerous leaders in this large student body, it’s obviously not the responsibility of BCL. The organization cannot take any responsibility for personal misconduct.

Besides, some infiltrators are also involved in these wrongdoing activities and distorting the past traditions of BCL. Our beloved leader of the country Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, does not tolerate any wrongdoings.

Dr. Anika Faria Zaman Arna
Former Vice-President of BCL
Many of those who were involved in corruption and various wrongdoing activities using the status of BCL posts have been brought under the trial. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina exhausted many of the leaders from their post who were accused in different charges. Currently, many infiltrators have been engaged in this reputed organization and trying to ruin it’s glory. Those who are truly loyal to BCL or who believe in the ideology of Bangabandhu can never do so.

Md. Habibullah Nixon
Vice-President of RU BCL
BCL is a reputed student organization founded by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The organization flagged with education, peace and progress has achieved its goal in its 72 years long journey. However, in recent times, the organization has been controversial for some ‘scattering’ events and ‘mischief’ by some of the most enthusiastic leaders.

However, Chhatra League is facing a crisis and to overcome this, I think every unit of Bangladesh Chhatra League needs skilled, talented, drug free, ideological leadership. Children of Awami League family who believed the ideology of Bangabandhu would bring the past glory and tradition of BCL holding the responsibility of the organization.

Mohammad Zanif
General Secretary, BCL Chuadanga District Branch
The Chhatra league are ashamed only when the controversial and superstitious people entered in BCL. This shame is not only for BCL but for the whole nation. Because the nation always expects something positive from the student  organization who believe in progress. BCL always believed in power of pen. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was also engage with the BCL and she has a great emotions with its.

Therefore, the leaders and activists of BCL have to work upmost to bring back the glorious history of BCL. You need to focus more on selecting the right leadership. I hope that BCL will be able to move forward in future overcoming every obstacles and crisis.

Mehedi Hasan Mishu
Organizing Secretary, RU BCL
The glorious history of BCL has tarnished, is not quite right. The ‘Ill competition’ and ‘infiltrators’ in the organization are gaining their own benefit through controversing the BCL. For this, the whole organization has to suffer from. Chhatra League leaders can do their utmost to bring back the past tradition of BCL. For this reason, the student body should be kept in the mind of public interest rather than ill competition.

Besides, those who are blaming BCL for various reasons in the name of student politics. Chhatra League should have to maintain the highest awareness towards them.