Let’s go mom, a travel blog dedicated to the mothers across the world

Publish: 9:45 PM, January 18, 2020 | Update: 8:31:PM, February 19, 2020

Rafiqul A. Khan

January 11, 2020 is the day I formally graduated since I stepped out of the university a while ago. I was attending my university’s first convocation after it was founded over a decade ago. The colorful event was participated by scores of graduates and I stumbled upon an instagram account which is dedicated to a person’s mom. And, it reminded me of the person who contributed the most behind my academic success, my mother.

I wanted to find out the inside story of what motivated this free spirited blogger to start this endeavor: to roam around the world in the memory of her beloved mother. The travel blog on instagram “let’s go mom” dedicated to the blogger’s mother and the mothers across the world. I asked the blogger to share her story, and trust me, it will make you emotional after you finish reading it.

Recalling from personal experiences, the blogger’s mother loved everything about travelling and adventures. When, her family happened to her life, the mother found adventure in them. She focused so much on making her who she are today and making her life as amazing as it has been, that her mother forgot parts of her that she direly waited to explore someday.

Fast forward many years, the blogger got an opportunity to travel abroad alone. Growing up in a society where a woman traveling alone is still a taboo, it was only normal for the blogger to doubt her confidence. She thanked to the wonder lady her life, her mother, who supported and motivated her to break the ceiling. She went for the trip, and it changed her life.

“We have read thousand of articles on how travelling has changed people’s life, shaped them and their perspective of life, earth, humans and nature, and how it has changed them as a person, but I will tell you who made it happen for me” the blogger remarked.

She also recalled “I remember my mother saying ‘Go to vastness and your heart and mind will be as vast as nature’. Gradually growing as a traveler, I realized how connected I felt to nature and its creator, and I also realized just how much mom and I were connected within our souls. Each of my trips was each of her trips and she connected to me as if we were on the trip together, from preparation to our storytelling afterwards. I kept praying to God to bless me with every possibility so that I can take her on trips that never happened in her life for real. I prayed and prepared. But God had something else destined for us. I planned a surprise trip for her, her first international trip, and Oh! I could feel every second of excitement and every mark of awe on her face. I prepped. But she went on a journey alone. My mom made her journey to Heaven on August 2018. Seldom did I know I could now take her with me in all my trips. I miss her, but I also feel her in me stronger than before.”

Since then, the blogger started documenting her travel in a blog account in instagram which is dedicated to her amazing mother and all moms around the world who puts their adventures aside for their family’s sake. She has been working on this for over a year and recently has named an unnamed peak in the Lusai range of Chittagong Hill Tract after her mother. Bravo girl!

If you support her thoughts, follow the blog and share it in your social media networks. The blog can be accessed here at https://instagram.com/lets_gomom?igshid=jeirgeb3eoq4 . Let’s make the adventures of all mothers out there to come true together.