People experiences 1.6 Gbps speed in 5G demonstration

Publish: 7:55 PM, January 16, 2020 | Update: 7:55:PM, January 16, 2020

DHAKA, – People for the first time experienced 5G technology witnessing the 1.6 Gbps data speed at three-day “Digital Bangladesh Mela 2020” which began today at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC).

Prime Minister’s ICT Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy inaugurated the fair, which is being held with a aim to demonstrate 5G technology and progress of digital Bangladesh campaign.

Today people experienced 1.6 Gbps data speed with 5G. Technology vendor, Huawei played a key role in the trial of 5G in Bangladesh on July 25 last year. At that time, the maximum speeds were 4 GBps by using 800 MHz spectrum. But now 1.4 Gbps to 1.7 GBps data transfer rate can be ensured using one eighth spectrum (only 100 MHz) than that of last year.

In the ‘Digital Mela’, visitors will easily be able to experience the gigabit-level speed testing of 5G for free at Huawei’s own pavilion.

Moreover, there are arrangements of amazing Robot show, where the interactive humanoid robot will play soccer following the command of hand gesture. The arrangements are aim to showcase the advancement of 5G technology in Human-to-Machine or Machine-to-Machine communication.

There is another play-zone where visitors can experience real-time virtual reality (VR) test through 5G technology. As soon as the visitors put on the 5G VR, they will find themselves skiing on the snow.

Huawei’s 5G mobile phones also will be available in the pavilion. The visitors will be able experience Huawei 5G smartphones and purchase the existing mobile phones in the fair.