Protest march at JU demanding VC`s removal



November 27, 2019 | 19:33:PM | Update19:33:PM
Photo: TBT

Shahadat Sumon,  JU correspondent: Agitating Teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) have staged a protest march demanding the removal of vice Chancellor and to recapture the environment of education.

On Wednesday (November 25) at 1pm the procession began at the university’s Murad Chattar area and took position in front of VC`s residence after parading the important roads of the campus.

More than a hundred protesting teachers and students participated in the demonstration, ignoring the ban order of the assembly and procession by the university administration.

Addressing the rally, spokesman of the movement Professor Rayhan Rayne said, “The movement of teacher’s students has been going on for four months. But no solution has been done so far. This movement cannot be suppressed in any way. We will continue the movement until our three point demands will be implemented. Hall Vacant has been announced on the basis of the opinion of the expired Syndicate members so this invalid decision of Vacant will have to be withdrawn.”

Later, Prof. Rayhan Rayne has announced that he will publish the ledger as a booklet of the vice-chancellor’s corruption on December 3.

Speaking at the rally, Sushmita Miriam, president of the Student Front University Branch, said, “The country knows that there has been corruption in JU. If the Vice-Chancellor has not committed corruption, prove it to the people of the country that she was not involved in corruption. The hall has been closed to protect the movement.”

Former acting president of Jahangirnagar Cultural Alliance Mushfiq Us Salehin said, “The entire campus and Bangladesh are disturbed to see the departure of JU Vice-Chancellor Professor Farzana Islam. The administration has virtually blocked the university for the last 20-22 days. We are protesting against the three-point demand. Professor Farzana Islam has to be removed in order to make the university active.”

Besides, the protesting teachers and students expressed mourned in the death of the architect Rabiul Hussain.

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