Sufi singers Puranchand Wadali and son Lakhinder to enthrall the audience

Publish: 9:32 PM, November 24, 2019 | Update: 9:32:PM, November 24, 2019

In a candid chat, Sufi singer Lakhwinder will share that his father Puranchand Wadali is very mischievous. On Sunday, Sufi singers Puranchand Wadali and his son Lakhwinder will grace The Kapil Sharma Show. Puranchand is the fifth generation of the singing group Wadali brothers. The singer will share that everyone in his family dabbled in other professions but ended up as singers. The father-son duo will enthrall the audience with their soulful performances.

Puranchand Wadali dumped his Padma Shri letter in the garbage
Puranchand Wadali will share that when he received the letter informing him of his Padma Shri award, he had no idea what it meant. He even dumped the letter in the garbage. The next year, he once again received the letter, and people close to him forced him to accept it. Wadali will further share that he was clear that he will receive the award only if both the brothers were honoured, and not him as an individual.

Lakhwinder talks about his father’s mischief
In a candid chat, Lakhwinder will share that his father Puranchand Wadali is very mischievous and indulges in a lot of pranks. He will share that once Puranchand had to take a medical test before an operation. Knowing that his sugar levels will be high, he asked his staff to submit their urine instead. The reports thus came clear, and he could carry on with the surgery.

When Puranchand Wadali didn’t recognise Govinda
Sharing a fun incident, Lakhwinder will share that his father was once invited by Bollywood star Govinda. Through the evening, he had endless conversations with the actor. As the time came to return home, Puranchand asked his son where was Govinda. The senior Wadali will go on to add that Govinda was very humble when he welcomed them home, with no starry airs. Also, since he didn’t watch films, he did not realise that the friendly host was Govinda himself.

Puranchand suffered from button fever
Kapil Sharma will pull Puranchand Wadali’s legs asking whether he wore a sherwani for his wedding since he is always dressed in dhoti kurta. The singer will share that he was told to wear a pant and coat at his wedding. And while putting it on, he buttoned his pant button to his coat. Post that, he couldn’t stand or walk properly. Worried about his condition, people rushed him to the hospital.

The doctor then unbuttoned his coat, and he was fine. Puranchand will share that when he asked his doctor what happened to him, the former replied, ‘button bukhaar (fever)’.
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