VC removal demo continues at JU



Publish: 5:39 PM, November 13, 2019 | Update: 5:39:PM, November 13, 2019
Photo: TBT

Shahadat Sumon, JU correspondent: Protesting teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) has organized a protest march demanding the opening of dormitories and removal of Vice-Chancellor Prof Farzana Islam over graft allegation.

On Wednesday, (November 13) under the banner of “Jahangirnagar Against Corruption” the march began at the university`s `Murad Cattar` area and ended at the old register building with a short brief.

Addressing the program, Professor Kamrul Ahsan of Philosophy Department said, “The general students will join the movement as soon as the dormitories will open. We have to come up with a solution.”

“The Ministry of Education and the UGC have informed about the corruption and the investigation should start immediately in this regard. If the Vice-Chancellor is found innocent in the investigation, She will continue in her post.” he added.

A spokesman for the movement, Professor Rayhan Rayne, said “No investigation committee has ever been formed from the Ministry of Education and UGC till now. They have said that they will take initiative to form an inquiry committee. But they don’t.”

“The administration closed the university, calling for security by making the university unsafe. The administration is trying to supress the protesters through terrorist attacks, harassing by law in forcing agency. But, we continue our movement until our demand made.” He added.

Organizing secretary of the Socialist Student Front (Marxist), Shovon Rahman said, “We demand a judicial inquiry at the beginning of the movement. When we saw that the administration had no intention of investigating corruption, we demanded the removal of this vice-chancellor.”

Protesters demanded that the university administration shut down the campus illegally by attacking the BCL to suppress the movement. There are allegations that two out of 5 Syndicate members in the Emergency Syndicate on November 5 opposed the decision of vacating dormitories, but it wasn’t considered.

Prof. Sayed Ferdous, Professor Shamima Sultana, Professor Tarek Reza, Professor Jamaluddin Runu, Professor Khabir Uddin, Professor Khandaker Hasan Mahmud and the leaders and activist of various social organization also present at the program.