Demo starts at JU again



Publish: 6:50 PM, November 12, 2019 | Update: 6:50:PM, November 12, 2019
Photo: TBT

Shahadat Sumon, JU correspondent: Agitating Teachers and students at Jahangirnagar University (JU) newly started their demonstration demanding the resignation of Vice-Chancellor Prof Farzana Islam at the campus today.

Protesters brought out a procession with sarcastic quotes and painted banners from  old administrative building. After parading different streets on the campus, the procession ended at the same place.

Around 3.30 pm they staged a solidarity rally in front of old administrative building. Eminent citizens, including teachers from various universities joined the solidarity rally.

Protesters alleged that the university administration barriers guests came to attend the rally.

At the beginning of the rally, teachers and students held one minute silence for the remembrance of the dead at Kasba train accident.

Speakers at the rally said that The Vice Chancellor has converted the University into a cantonment. He wound up the university in a dictatorship. For her own interest, she has pushed the students into crisis. That way none can survive. There is still time  to resign from her post.

Professor Mozammel Haque, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, said, “The Vice-Chancellor has called the incident of the brutal attack of BCL on the protesters as mass uprising. The new generation might think that the mass uprising of the 1969s was such. They will hate the mass uprising of the 1969s treating it as a brutal attack.”

“She made a mistake in his words. She may apologize but she will not. Besides, she called it a very happy day. We condemn this kinds of work from a VC. “he added.

Earlier, Chhatra League men  on November 5 assaulted teachers and students who had kept JU Vice-chancellor Prof Farzana Islam confined to her residence demanding her resignation over corruption allegations.

An hour after the attack on protesters, Prof Farzana addressed a press briefing where she thanked her co-workers and the Chhatra League men for rescuing her, calling the incident a “mass uprising.”

She also claimed the corruption allegations against her were baseless and said she would only accept punishment if they were proven.